A Spot Gourmet Christmas

Oh, the magic and wonder of the holiday season.

The twinkling lights, the decorations, the parties, the shopping and the cooking…oh my!

If all you want for Christmas is to enjoy the season with your sanity in tact, then let The Spot Gourmet relieve a little of your holiday stress! We’ll create an amazing spread to make your Christmas meal a memorable one!

From family dinners to the grandest holiday party, we’ve got you covered! Select from our a la carte menu or pre-selected meals…either way we promise fresh, beautifully displayed and delicious food to to make your Christmas amazing!

Please allow 24 hours for all pick up and delivery orders.  Order by phone (818) 861- 7335 or email us at info@thespotgourmet.com.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season and a New Year filled with happiness and joy!

Gourmet Love,



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